20+Actions Manage Products in Backend

Whether managing a wide range of products makes you-magento store owners tired? If yes, then 20+Actions Manage Products in Backend extension will help you out effectively. This useful extension with 20 new product management actions probably simplifies your product management process.

With this magento extension, admin can make changes in a large scale instead of taking similar actions to change each product. For example, admin can change prices for a lot of products at the same time. These above 20 new product management actions was divided into four groups which were Category actions, Attribute actions, Price actions and Relate, up sells and cross sells actions. In each group, there is a list of specific actions facilitating store owner's management.

Therefore, it is advisable that you-store owner get this new set of effective product management actions to save your managing time.

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1. Features

It is easy to config this extension

Every action can be carried out for multiple products

2. Category actions

Category actions includes three actions namely assign, delete or replace category

+ Assign category: admin can easily assign suitable categories for multiple products

+ Delete category: admin can delete multiple products from any categories

+ Replace category: admin can remove products from their original categories then assign them to other categories in bulk with ease

20 plus actions manage products in backend
20 plus actions manage products in backend

3. Attribute actions

Attribute actions let admin change attribute set, copy attribute or custom options, as well as copy or delete product images

+ Change attribute set: if store owners enter wrong product attributes for a number of products, they can change the situation quickly

+ Copy attribute/custom options: when store owners have to add attributes or custom options for a large number of products, they only need to copy attribute/ custom options to any other products

+ Copy/delete product image: these actions allow store owners to copy product image to any products, or delete multiple product images

4. Price actions

Price actions contain six actions which are update cost, update price, update special price, modify special price using price, modify price using cost, modify special price using cost

+ Update price action/update special action: admin can increase/decrease prices/special prices by flat amount or percentage for many products at the same time

+ Update cost action: admin can change product costs in bulk

+ Modify price/special prices using cost: admin can change price for many products at the same time based on costs

+ Modify price using price: admin can change price for multiple products based on their normal prices

magento extension
magento plugin

3. Relate, up sells & cross sells actions

Relate, up sells & cross sells actions with six actions namely Set/Delete Relation, Up-sells or Cross-sells allow admin to populate related, cross sell or up sell products quickly.

  • Upgrading and installation is easy, just copy and use
  • Configuration is easy and flexible
  • Simple backend management
  • Front end can be easily customized with HTML/CSS
  • Multiple stores and multiple languages are supported
  • Full HTML contents are supported
  • 100% open source
  • Magento Community 1.5.x- 1.9.x

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