Magento 2 Knowledge Base

Magento 2 Knowledge Base is the greatest way to provide an improved service to your clients, also it helps to reduce workload on your support team. By installing this Knowledge Base for Magento 2, your customers can find solution for their problem by themselves that make a confident purchase in your online store.

All documents will be displayed by means of articles assigned to admin-defined categories. A clean design and sleek functionality makes navigation intuitively. Also, you can customize all aspects of the categories to help customers find the information they require.

With the help of Magento 2 FAQ Extension, your own business will be improved greatly!

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magento 2 knowledge base

1. Features & Benefit

By using Magento 2 Knowledge Base, you can help customer fins solution for their problem by themselves that will make a confident purchase in your Magento store. Also, you can reduce workload on the support team.

2. Manage categories

Admin can create a new category by clicking the Add New Category button. Also, you can edit existing category by clicking its row in the table.

magento 2 FAQ extension
knowledge base magento 2 extension

3. Create new Item

Create a new item is the same as category, you just click on the Add New Item button. You can edit existing item too.

4. Manage Item

With Magento 2 Knowledge Base, you can edit and sort articles, set up meta data and insert links, images on the description.

magento 2 FAQ
magento 2 support extension

5. Setting

This magento 2 extension allows you to set number of questions , number of tags in the setting field.

  • Version: 1.2 (Dec, 2018) - Compatible with Magento 2.3.x
  • Version: 1.1 (Oct, 2017) - Compatible with Magento 2.2.x
  • Version: 1.0 (Sep, 2016) - Initial release
  • Install Magento 2 Knowledge Base for free for all customers who bought our Magento Knowledge Base
  • Upgrading and installation is easy, just copy and use
  • Configuration is easy and flexible
  • Simple backend management
  • Front end can be easily customized with HTML/CSS
  • Multiple stores and multiple languages are supported
  • Full HTML contents are supported
  • 15 day money back guaranteed in accordance with refund policies.
  • 3 months of free support since purchase date.
  • 1 year of free upgrades.
  • Magento 2 Knowledge Base - 100% open source
  • Magento Community Version: 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

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