Magento 2 Product Zoom

Sometime, clients do not trust online store because they cannot examine the items in details and touch it. That’s a reason Cmsideas developed Magento 2 Product Zoom Extension which improves the product images exploration interface. By installing Magento 2 Product Zoom, customers can zoom images on product page, so they can exactly appreciate the quality of your products. That let them feel like they are shopping in a real store and encourage them to buy more.

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Magento 2 product zoom

1. Features & Benefits

By using Magento 2 Image Zoom, customers can zoom images of item on product page, also, they can change the inside box size by scrolling. That will help them to appreciate the quality of your products more exactly. So, they will feel like they are shopping in a real store and buy more products.

2. Settings

This magento 2 extension allows to choose diferent types of zoom, change the parameters for the outside zoomer window and also set the border colour and scroll zoom.

magento 2 image zoom
  • Version: 1.2 (Dec, 2018) - Compatible with Magento 2.3.x
  • Version: 1.1 (Oct, 2017) - Compatible with Magento 2.2.x
  • Version: 1.0 (Oct, 2016) - Initial release
  • Install Magento 2 Product Zoom for free for all customers who bought our Magento Product Zoom
  • Upgrading and installation is easy, just copy and use
  • Configuration is easy and flexible
  • Simple backend management
  • Front end can be easily customized with HTML/CSS
  • Multiple stores and multiple languages are supported
  • Full HTML contents are supported
  • 15 day money back guaranteed in accordance with refund policies.
  • 3 months of free support since purchase date.
  • 1 year of free upgrades.
  • Magento 2 Product Zoom- 100% open source
  • Magento Community Version: 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

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