1. Installation services 

After customers’ purchasing, CMSIDEAS provides customers with a detailed extension guideline, so that customers can install our extension easily.

However, CMSIDEAS’customers can also select the option “Professional Installation Service”. After that, our skilful developers will set up extensions exactly like our demo and fix all bugs that may arise during installation. We also make sure that the extensions are properly configured to fit your website.  We will complete the installation within one working day according to the Theme and Extensions. When customers choose installation services, the extension will be installed by Magento certified experienced developers.

Therefore, CMSIDEAS guarantees that it will avoid any technical problems from the beginning.


2. Support services

We will only support extensions in our packages. If customers use extensions of other authors together with our extensions in the packages and experience extension conflicts, we are sorry to say that we are not responsible for supporting this situations. However, if customers still want us to solve this problems, we recommend you to use our $20 support pack (which is not included in support services for our packages).

- Support services for Magento Ecommerce Packages

+ Free support in 30 days

+ Support in 60 days: $29.00

+ Support in 90 days: $49.00

+ Support in 120 days: $69.00

- Support services for WordPress Packages

+ Free support in 15 days

+ Support 30 days: $19.00

+ Support 60 days: $39.00

+ Support 90 days: $59.00